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Balance - Mind • Body • Spirit

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In this course, you will get daily schedules, diet plan, guided meditations, reading recommendations, various meditation techniques, create awareness of self, links to various resources, including documents and workout videos, and supportive CBT concepts. It is jam-packed with my life's work of experience and research to begin the healing of my own addictions, trauma, thought distortions, and negative beliefs. Click the link, download the app, and get your lifetime access to life changing material! Free with Reiki Practitioner Level 1 training. Let's explore how to achieve balance in the mind, body, and spirit. Going in, I would like you to consider the following. 1. I believe that we must be gentle with ourselves always. We must also be honest and humble. Being honest with yourself is the key to personal growth. 2. There is no need for labels. What are some labels that make you feel less than in some way? Too old, too young, a certain race, etc. 3. Let's leave judgment at the door. We have all been brave enough to show up here. This is a safe place. 4. We can not change another. We can only change ourselves. When the internal reality changes, so shall the external. 5. Healing will occur when you are ready to take an active role in your own journey, I'm here to facilitate that. We can not heal another without their permission as this manipulates energy. So, we don't send healing unless welcomed. Only love. 6. That saying “fake it till you make it” works well in the case of healing! Thoughts become things.

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