While allergies are rare, it does happen. An allergy can feel itchy, swollen, red, and possibly hot. Call or text and I will remove them, no charge, immediately. Unfortunately, we do not do refunds with reactions as I have already done the work. However, if you tend to be sensitive to makeup products and adhesives we can do a free patch test 2-3 days prior to your appointment to ensure that you will not have a reaction.


Threading is a form of hair removal with a string and some magical moves by your technician. This is a great service for both men and women. The gentler alternative to waxing as the skin on the face is very delicate and waxing often takes off more than just hair!


Most of these issues are not deal breakers, but product use or timing may need adjustment. If any of these apply to you, reach out to me and we will figure it out.

You may not be eligible for PMU procedures if you are;


Undergoing any type of Chemo

Accutane - within the last year

Auto-Immune Deficiency 

HIV/Hepatitis Positive 

Prior PMU in procedure area - REQUIRES VIRTUAL CONSULT

Surgery - upcoming or recent 

Chemical Peels - within 4 weeks

Botox - within 2 weeks

Retinol/Retin-A/Vitamin A use - within 2 weeks

Psoriasis/Vitiligo/Eczema - active on face

Active Oral Herpes Breakout - must wait for any cold sores to healed

Sunburn/Severe Acne - active on face

Moles/Skin Tags - in the procedure area, some can be worked around, some cannot. If you’re not sure, please send photos.

Taking Blood Thinners - must consult with your doctor about going off meds

Taking Supplements - must go off any unnecessary supplements for a week prior

NSAID/Caffeine - must not use 24 hours prior

Working out - plan on not working out for the next 48 hours.


Cannot work on brow implants

Do not come with fresh lash extensions, I recommend waiting until you need a fill. My hand placement knocks off lashes on your right side.

If you plan on getting an eyelid lift, wait until after to get your brows done.


Lash extensions must be removed a day prior to your appointment, not the same day.

No lash serum use for a month prior to eyeliner, 2 weeks prior to lash enhancement.

No contacts during the procedure or the night after. Please have a ride or bring glasses.

Please come without makeup on, if possible. It's really important that your eyes aren’t already irritated from removing your makeup. The tissue is very thin and fragile.


If you get cold sores, you must be on an antiviral two weeks prior to your appointment. If you are someone who is very sensitive to cold sores, I don’t recommend it even with the antiviral. 

Fillers must be at least a month old before I can work on your lips.

It will be asked that you do your best to hydrate and exfoliate your lips prior to your appointment. 


Read over this packet when sent. Respond accordingly. Honesty is appreciated and will be honored. 

Stop use of any harsh facial products (acids, vitamin c, exfoliants) a week prior to your appointment.

Stop use of caffeine and NSAIDS 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Come with a fresh clean face. Get your workout in early in the day, if possible. Eat a light meal or snack beforehand. IF you absolutely need caffeine, it is fine to plan on having some right after your appointment.

Bring any pictures, colors, or selfies to show me your desired HEALED results.

IF the day of, you are not feeling well, have a migraine, traumatic event, death in the family, etc please reach out to reschedule. I am understanding and know that life still happens. This is a tattoo on your face, I want us both to be in a good state of mind. Exceptions for deposits can be made, but are up to my discretion.


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