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Lash Extensions Technician

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This course covers topics such as lash anatomy, safety and sanitation, lash extension application techniques, and aftercare instructions. The course begins with an introduction to lash extensions, including the different types of lashes, materials, and tools used in the application process. We will demonstrate proper techniques for lash extension application, including isolation, attachment, and shaping of the lashes. During the course, students will learn how to customize lashes to meet the unique needs of each client and how to maintain proper hygiene and safety standards. After completing the course, students should have the skills and knowledge necessary to provide lash extension services to clients, and they will receive 2 certificates of completion. The duration of the course can range from a few hours to a few days or months, depending on your availability. Although the course may only take a few hours or days to run through, the most important part is to practice daily to gain speed. You will need to practice daily to continue building speed. Aim to submit your Classic Lash quotas within 3-6 months of completion and your Volume quotas within 6-9 months as you will need to master classic lashing before attempting volume.

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